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						Hanani Project Management

Hanani Project Management

Pretoria , South Africa

Job Title
Project Manager
R12 000.00 Monthly
Office time
Normal Office Hours
Job Type
Contractual Remote
31 December, 2022

Company Description

Hanani Project Management Solutions was founded in 2007, specifically focused on managing, executing and delivering on projects. Our clients required a focused approach in ensuring their business goals, objectives, ideas and innovations received the necessary nurturing needed to move them from conception to visible and tangible results. To deliver on these means our technical skills need to be the best in the industry - we do this by sourcing industry experts in all fields as required on each project.


Our Resourcing Team identifies a position, defines the job requirements, advertises and take the applicants through our Resourcing Process:


  • Candidate Selection
  • Candidate Testing
  • Candidate and Position Matching
  • Placement


  • Project Management
  • MS Project

So If You Are Someone Who Has

Hanani always requires Project Managers on any and all levels. This advert will run continuously in-order to meet this need and requirement for Project Management skills. The demand for Project Managers for our clients is greatest in the Information Technology space. Where specific project managers are required for specialist industries, our Recruitment team will post a separate advert.


Our IT Project Managers need to have a strong set of skills in order to do their job effectively, including:

  • Advanced computer skills and in-depth knowledge of different operating systems, network administration and service desk administration
  • Project management and leadership skills for managing projects and the teams involved with them
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to coordinate with team members and management and explain technical issues
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to handle any issues that occur during project completion
  • Organisation and time management skills to keep projects on track and within budget
  • Excellent resource planning and task scheduling skills


As a minimum we require Project Managers with the following skill sets:

  • a minimum of 10 years Project Management related experience
  • relevant Project Management Certification
  • Project Management references from previously successfully completed Projects
  • a Degree above your Project certification will place you above other applicants


Our IT Project Managers work in the technology department of an organisation, conducting, planning and implementing various technical projects either for the company or its clients to roll out. They’ll collaborate closely with the technical team to design various developments and to implement life-cycle methodologies for various software systems.

Our IT Project Managers work closely with clients to determine their company goals and strategise a plan for a new product release according to their needs and preferences. They then meet with employees to build a schedule and deadlines for the upcoming project. As the projects are being built by employees, the Project Manager continuously inspects it to ensure the progress remains on track with the client’s needs. Once it’s launched, they attend a post-project debriefing session with the clients


Our company works remotely on most of our assignments, thus the applicants needs to be able to work as such for the duration of the Project. This can be either at your own office location, at the client location or at the Project Implementation location. You will be notified of the specific location during the interview should you be selected.


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