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Tips for our Staff

Tax Registration Links:

To assist you in obtaining your Income Tax number (should you not be registered for tax); we have put together the links you need to access ignored to do so. Please contact your Recruitment Consultant for further assistance where required.


How do I register as a tax payer

Register for eFiling

Online Registration for tax

Affordable Health Cover Links

We have out together a list of “affordable health” service providers for you to consider. As a member of our team you are required to ensure you have sometime of medical cover to ensure you have access to medical assistance when required.


Affinity Health




Discovery Health


Summary of the Top affordable health Insuarance cover

Top South African Hospital Plans

Medical Aid Quotes under R 1 000.00

Covid 19 Guidelines

As a general rule, you are required to follow the company specific guidelines of the organisation where you are assigned, on what they require from their staff members concerning general health and safety. We have also added the national guidelines for you to review and ensure you are conforming to at your assigned location.


Department of labour regulations for health and safety

Guidelines and relief: SA Corona Virus Online Portal


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